31 Tips About Moving

by:CROWN     2020-07-05
31 handling tips 1, Refrigerator the previous day moving the plug unplug, defrost, place to browse the water, move the house location 30 minutes wedding ceremony line energized moving company in Shanghai. 2, the first TV with a blanket tied state on the screen protection; and then tape the TV plug tied fixed. 3, the computer of all your documents are deposited in a floppy disk or zip file, installed computer dedicated boxes and protective material, to draw in attention away for the TV, stereo various other appliances that may generate a magnetic field; if not, use foam blocks installed and placed in cardboard box (such as polystyrene foam plastic, blankets, fold the paper as well as thus on) to indicate the computerized treatments for hyperthyroidism on the outdoors. 4, the printer with the original box installed, shade palette and as removed from the laser or unit industry, and next the piece of paper to insert a needle printer platen barrel. 5, the lighting apparatus first packing lamps, lamps around and put some newspaper and let it fixed; do not seal the box, so that handlers can see the Shanghai Trackbacks price. 6, microwave, oven installed provincial judge, cut a hole people can start delicate items. 7, the audio package with a towel, a good packing to protect the tape placed the cassettes and other host. 8, bedside cabinet demolition to dump the rotting matter screw parts industry installed plastic bag and sealed double-sided tape stuck your past headboard, so as not left supporting. 9, the table first with the Thick leather several Zhuojiao fixed with tape to protect, and then the rope wrapped Zhuojiao to prevent personal injury. 10, the first cabinet remove products in the drawer, and then tape each drawer and paste it fixed; removed items into cartons, handling very convenient. 11, dresser mirror, so use transparent foam cloth will mirror bread, cosmetics wrapped in paper into the plastic bag handlers. 12, a painting class with a knife in a paper bag on both sides of each cut three marks, advertising paper or picture can be much better placed on both sides of the paper bag handling. Additionally be put other things in the get. 13, long-distance cat and dog car transported, and animals may occur due to motion sickness and vomiting, so the night before moving, and moving the morning never feed something. 14, the bird in the cage into the water content of dehydrated cotton, in order not to disturb the bird, cover with cloth then gently to move. 15, the ornamental fish fish in large plastic bag, the bag water and air half and half. Set the bag into two insulated containers. Larger fish can be put in a closed bucket, and to maintain constant temperature. 16, water pots, potted plants to the day the first doused with associated with water, the first newspaper to Buzhi Yu loss of soil pots wrapped into the cardboard inside, lightly engrossed in paper cover can, if potted, first will Zhigan tied with a wooden stick fixed, and after that only inside the cardboard box will work. 17, books, magazines, books, cross-shaped strapped, turning the place Thick skin defense. 18 pan class beginning with biggest bank overlap first covered with newspaper. The labeled cross with a rope through the pot. 19, the blade before using thick paper leather blade bread is good, then Scotch tape fixed. 20, tableware tableware the first paper to overlap package dishes such since the level on the cartons, fork spoon 4-5 tie with a decent income. 21 bottles class first, respectively, into plastic bags, newspaper and well into cartons, then cartons tied at intervals to the cross-shaped in cross-place marked junction. 22, frozen foods these need to tidy up before moving day leading to the frozen food wrap with plastic wrap first, then with dry ice in a plastic box sealed tightly with adhesive. 23, records, CD, VCD, DVD, lingerie to put today's level, dress, etc. overlap folded into the box, simple to wet clothing, fur coats and other clothing can be placed in a box of tea fluids. 24, vases, having a towel vase wrapped, then put it in a cardboard box, large porcelain old bath towel wrap, do remember in a cardboard box above marked 'Fragile, Handle with care' message. 25, antiques in the wooden box most likely a secure method of packaging. Wooden box to be fixed, to avoid the easily damaged solutions. 26, clothes lingerie to put the lowest level, dress, and others. overlap folded into the box, easy to wet clothing, fur coats and other clothing can be put in a box of tea perspiration. 27 quilts by way of the light to the powerhouse slow overlap, then quilt bags from top to bottom, firmly set, never put fragile items in the quilt. 28, luggage, pajamas and toiletries belongings into a suitcase, very convenient. 29, all kinds of little things jewelry, and other scattered small things is likely to make use of moon cake box, you can just use sticky tape seal. 30, valuables, cash, precious jewelry, books and other valuables must carry. 31, hazardous materials, whether your own transportation or moving moving houses a lot off the items is the embargo, which must be tackled separated handling of dangerous goods including any flammable, corrosive and explosive materials, such as: paint, paint thinner, Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, gasoline, motor vehicle oil, cleaning solvents, bleach, insecticides.
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