6 Ways To Stop Your Cats Scratching Your Furnishings

by:CROWN     2020-07-05
To realize why our darling cats scratch we first need think of what their sharp claws are to. They do not intentionally scratch furniture to annoy us or to inflict injury. Actually cats have retractable claws to ensure them to balance, turn, run, climb, jump and defend themselves with pin-point precision. An in order to declawing or re-homing your furry friend is simply teaching them the your laws. There are a few simple techniques that happen to be tried and tested to operate in regards to this ongoing dilemma. First, get multiple cat scratching posts or cat houses covered in either ropes or carpet. After getting installed the posts or houses place a little catnip on it to lure your kitty to them so they will know could be alright to use them. You may even have to use their paw and complete a scratching motion or scratch on it yourself to show them how it operates. When they go to the furniture, which in the beginning they will, pick them up and take it to the post. Secondly, try double sided tape. It might sound wierd, but as well as seem to function. Cats do not like anything tacky on top of the pads inside their feet. Once they go to claw the piece of furniture and check out the tape they will instinctively keep. However, you will need to replace the tape as it's pulled down from day to day. Thirdly, if both of the above fail in order to use try a small squirty gun filled with water. Once your kitty is applicable to the furniture, simply say 'No' an authoritative voice and squirt them once on the butt with drinking water gun. Don't spray them in the actual as it's very easy for your kitty shed their breath for a second if accomplished. If over and done with consistency and authority whole lot scratching friend will soon be a non-scratcher proper. The key is not giving through! It will not happen overnight, it can learn. Good Luck!
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