does sealwiz ceramic fiber tape have adhesive

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Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape is a versatile product widely used in various industries due to its exceptional insulating properties and high temperature resistance. One common question that arises among potential users is whether this ceramic fiber tape comes with adhesive. In this article, we will delve into the details of Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape and address the query surrounding its adhesive properties. We will explore its composition, application areas, and highlight the advantages of using this tape. So, let's get started and uncover all the essential information about Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape.

The Composition of Sealwiz Ceramic Fiber Tape:

Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape is primarily made from high-quality alumina-silica ceramic fiber yarns. These yarns are carefully woven together to create a durable and flexible tape. The absence of any binders or coatings makes the tape highly resilient to thermal shocks and allows it to withstand extreme temperatures of up to 2300°F (1260°C). This unique composition ensures the tape's excellent insulating properties and enables it to retain its structural integrity even in demanding environments.

The Application Areas of Sealwiz Ceramic Fiber Tape:

Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape finds extensive use across multiple industries and applications due to its exceptional heat resistance and insulation capabilities. Let's explore some of its prominent application areas.

Insulation in High-Temperature Equipment:

Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape is widely used for insulating high-temperature equipment such as furnaces, kilns, boilers, and ovens. Its ability to withstand extreme heat and excellent thermal insulation properties make it an ideal choice for preventing heat loss and maintaining optimal operating conditions within these systems. The tape can be conveniently wrapped around pipes, flanges, and other components to provide effective thermal insulation.

Sealing and Gasketing:

Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape is commonly employed for sealing and gasketing applications. Its flexible nature allows it to conform to irregular surfaces, providing an effective barrier against heat, gases, and liquids. This makes it suitable for sealing joints, flanges, and exhaust systems in various industries, including automotive, petrochemical, and power generation.

Fire Protection and Safety:

The exceptional heat resistance of Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape makes it an ideal material for fire protection and safety applications. It can be used to create fire-resistant barriers, fireproof curtains, and thermal insulation blankets. Additionally, the tape's resistance to flame, sparks, and molten splash ensures enhanced safety in high-risk environments.

Expansion Joints and Wrappings:

Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape is commonly utilized for expansion joints and wrappings in industrial settings. It can withstand the stress caused by expansion and contraction of pipes, ducts, and similar equipment while maintaining its insulating properties. The tape's durability and ability to prevent heat loss make it a reliable choice for preserving the efficiency and longevity of such systems.

The Presence of Adhesive in Sealwiz Ceramic Fiber Tape:

Now, let's address the primary query surrounding Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape - Does it have adhesive? The answer is no. Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape does not come with adhesive backing. It is essentially an unfaced tape without any adhesive coating. This serves a specific purpose, as it allows the tape to retain its insulation properties and withstand extreme temperatures without degradation.

The absence of adhesive on the tape provides users with flexibility in its application. It can be secured using various mechanical fastening methods like wires, bands, or stainless steel clips. This ensures that the tape remains securely in place while allowing easy removal or replacement when required. Impregnating the tape with adhesive would restrict its versatility and limit its use to specific applications.

The Advantages of Sealwiz Ceramic Fiber Tape:

Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape offers numerous advantages, making it a preferred choice for many industries. Let's take a closer look at some of its key benefits:

High Temperature Resistance:

The tape can withstand temperatures up to 2300°F (1260°C), making it ideal for applications that involve extreme heat exposure. Its ability to retain its structural integrity and insulation properties even at high temperatures ensures long-lasting performance.

Excellent Insulation:

Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape provides exceptional thermal insulation, minimizing heat transfer and improving energy efficiency. It helps maintain consistent temperatures, reduces heat loss, and prevents damage to surrounding equipment or structures.

Easy Installation:

The tape's flexibility and ease of handling make it straightforward to install. It can be conveniently wrapped around surfaces or secured using mechanical fastening methods. This simplifies the installation process and saves valuable time and effort.


Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape exhibits excellent durability, thanks to its composition of high-quality alumina-silica ceramic fiber yarns. It can withstand thermal shocks, abrasion, and vibrations, ensuring long-term performance even in demanding environments.

Chemical Resistance:

The tape demonstrates resistance to most chemicals, acids, and alkalis, rendering it suitable for applications involving corrosive environments. This chemical resistance enhances the tape's longevity and reliability.


Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape is a versatile product extensively used for insulation, sealing, and fire protection purposes. While it does not come with an adhesive backing, its composition of alumina-silica ceramic fiber yarns provides exceptional high-temperature resistance and insulation capabilities. The tape finds applications in various industries, including high-temperature equipment insulation, sealing and gasketing, fire protection, and expansion joints. Its lack of adhesive allows for easy installation and flexibility in securing methods. Additionally, Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape offers advantages such as high temperature resistance, excellent insulation, easy installation, durability, and chemical resistance. So, whether you require insulation in your furnace or a reliable sealing solution, Sealwiz ceramic fiber tape is a remarkable choice to cater to your needs.

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