how to get adhesive from duct tape fallout 4

by:CROWN     2024-05-15

How to Get Adhesive from Duct Tape in Fallout 4

Fallout 4, developed by Bethesda Game Studios, immerses players into a post-apocalyptic world where resources are scarce and survival can be a constant challenge. In this unforgiving landscape, duct tape becomes a valuable commodity due to its versatility and ability to repair and create essential items. However, obtaining adhesive from duct tape may not always be straightforward. In this article, we will explore various methods and strategies to acquire adhesive from duct tape in Fallout 4.

The Importance of Adhesive

In Fallout 4, adhesive plays a vital role in crafting and modifying weapons, armor, and settlement items. It is a key component in constructing and maintaining various essential items such as weapon mods, repair kits, and even food. Therefore, it is crucial to have a steady supply of adhesive to progress effectively in the game.

Scavenging for Duct Tape

Duct tape is a common item scattered throughout the wasteland of Fallout 4. It can be found in a variety of locations, including abandoned houses, supermarkets, offices, and even on deceased enemies. To scavenge for duct tape effectively, it is important to systematically search areas with known adhesive-rich loot. Areas such as hardware stores, like Wilson Atomatoys Factory or West Roxbury Station, may often yield a considerable amount of duct tape.

Additionally, some settlements, such as Sanctuary Hills and Red Rocket Truck Stop, might offer a steady supply of duct tape if you have established and maintained thriving communities. Farms in these settlements might grow mutfruit, a plant that can be used to create adhesive at cooking stations. By planting mutfruit and combining it with other necessary ingredients, you can create an adhesive farm and ensure a constant supply of this valuable resource.

Trading for Adhesive

In the harsh world of Fallout 4, bartering can be a worthwhile strategy to acquire the much-needed adhesive. Traders, such as vendors found in Diamond City or Goodneighbor, often restock their inventories with varying amounts of duct tape. Engaging in trade for adhesive can be beneficial, especially if you have amassed a surplus of other valuable items, such as weapons or armor.

Additionally, it is wise to invest in the Charisma attribute, which enhances persuasion abilities during trade interactions. By improving your persuasion skills, you can negotiate more favorable exchange rates or even convince traders to offer adhesive as part of their deals. So, don't underestimate the power of words when trading for adhesive!

Chemistry Stations and Vegetable Starch

Another reliable method of obtaining adhesive involves utilizing the chemistry station and crafting an item called vegetable starch. Vegetable starch is a valuable commodity as it can be broken down into adhesive. To create vegetable starch, you will need corn, mutfruit, purified water, and a single tato. These items can usually be found in settlements, but if you are short on supplies, specific traders or farms may offer them periodically.

Once you have gathered the necessary ingredients, head to a chemistry station and navigate to the utility tab. Within this menu, you will find the option to craft vegetable starch. By selecting this option, you can convert your ingredients into valuable adhesive, ensuring a consistent source for all your crafting needs. This method is exceptionally useful for players who prefer settlement building and rely heavily on adhesive in their construction projects.

Utilizing the Scrapper Perk

The Scrapper perk can significantly aid in obtaining adhesive from duct tape. This perk, found within the Intelligence attribute, allows players to receive more useful components when breaking down weapons and armor. By investing points into the Scrapper perk, you can increase the likelihood of gaining adhesive from scrap items like duct tape during weapon and armor dismantlement.

To maximize the efficiency of this strategy, focus on looting and dismantling as many weapons and armors as possible. This will not only increase your supply of adhesive but also provide additional materials that can be used for further crafting or trading purposes. Be sure to keep an eye out for higher-level items, as they tend to yield more adhesive when scrapped.


In the wasteland of Fallout 4, adhesive is an invaluable resource necessary for survival and progression. Scavenging for duct tape, trading with vendors, utilizing chemistry stations, and investing in the Scrapper perk are all viable strategies to ensure a steady supply of adhesive. By following these methods, you will be well-equipped to face the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world and thrive in your endeavors. So, grab your duct tape and start securing a brighter future in Fallout 4!

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