how to hem pants using iron-on adhesive tape

by:CROWN     2024-03-17

Why Hemming Pants is Important

Hemming pants is a necessary skill for anyone who wants their clothes to fit perfectly. Whether you need to shorten a pair of pants that are too long or want to give your favorite trousers a fresh new look, knowing how to hem them is essential. In the past, this task might have seemed daunting or time-consuming, but with the advent of iron-on adhesive tape, hemming pants has become a breeze. This versatile tape allows you to create neat, durable hems without the hassle of sewing. In this article, we will guide you through the process of hemming pants using iron-on adhesive tape, giving you the confidence to tackle this simple yet transformative alteration.

Choosing the Right Iron-on Adhesive Tape

Before diving into the process of hemming pants, it's important to choose the appropriate iron-on adhesive tape for your needs. There are various types and brands of adhesive tapes available in the market, each offering different levels of adhesion, durability, and compatibility with different fabrics. When selecting tape, consider the weight and type of fabric you will be working with, as well as the desired permanence of the hem. Some tapes are better suited for temporary alterations, while others provide a more permanent solution.

Preparing the Pants for Hemming

Now that you have selected the suitable iron-on adhesive tape, it is time to prepare the pants for hemming. Start by laundering and ironing the pants to ensure they are clean and wrinkle-free. This step is crucial as any stains or wrinkles on the fabric can interfere with the adhesion of the tape. Once the pants are properly prepared, try them on and determine the desired length of the hem. Measure the excess fabric that needs to be removed and mark it using tailor's chalk or pins. Take care to ensure that the marking is even and straight across both pant legs.

Applying the Iron-on Adhesive Tape

With the pants ready and the desired length marked, it's time to apply the iron-on adhesive tape. Lay the pants flat on an ironing board or a clean, heat-resistant surface. Place the adhesive tape along the marked line, ensuring that it is centered and covers the entire width of the hem. Some tapes may require you to fold the hem inwards before applying the tape, while others can be applied directly to the raw edge of the fabric. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to achieve the best results and make sure that the adhesive side of the tape is facing down onto the fabric.

Securing the Hem with Heat

Now that the adhesive tape is in place, it's time to secure the hem using heat. Set your iron to the appropriate temperature for the fabric you are working with, consulting the care label if necessary. Gently press the iron onto the tape, applying an even amount of pressure for the recommended time specified by the tape manufacturer. Be sure to move the iron slowly and smoothly along the entire length of the hem, ensuring that the heat is evenly distributed. This step activates the adhesive properties of the tape, creating a strong bond between the fabric layers.

Finishing Touches and Care Instructions

Once the ironing process is complete, allow the pants to cool down. Check the hem to ensure that it is firmly in place and that there are no loose or lifted areas. If needed, gently re-iron any sections that require additional attention. Now that your pants are perfectly hemmed, it's essential to take proper care of them to maintain the integrity of the alteration. When laundering the pants, follow the care instructions provided by the fabric manufacturer and avoid using harsh chemicals that could weaken the adhesive bond. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid excessive stretching or pulling on the hem to prevent any potential damage.


Hemming pants using iron-on adhesive tape is a straightforward and efficient method for achieving professional-looking results. By choosing the appropriate tape, preparing the pants correctly, applying the tape accurately, and using heat to secure the hem, you can transform your pants in no time. This alteration technique is particularly beneficial for those who do not have access to a sewing machine, lack sewing skills, or simply prefer a quick and convenient solution. However, it's important to note that while iron-on adhesive tape provides a durable and secure hold, it may not be suitable for all fabrics or withstand heavy wear and tear. As with any alteration, it's always a good idea to test the tape on a small, inconspicuous area of the fabric before committing to the hem. With practice and patience, you'll soon become a master at hemming pants using iron-on adhesive tape, allowing you to create tailor-made garments that fit perfectly and look fantastic.

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