how to take gorilla tape adhesive off glass

by:CROWN     2024-04-17

Tips for Removing Gorilla Tape Adhesive from Glass

Glass surfaces are renowned for their sleek and pristine appearance. From windows and mirrors to glass tabletops and doors, these surfaces can add an elegant touch to any space. However, when adhesive residue from materials like Gorilla Tape is left behind on glass, it can be challenging to remove and restore the original shine. If you find yourself grappling with this issue, fret not! In this article, we will explore effective methods and techniques to safely and efficiently remove Gorilla Tape adhesive from glass surfaces.

Understanding Gorilla Tape Adhesive

Before discussing the removal process, it's important to understand the nature of Gorilla Tape adhesive. Known for its strength and durability, Gorilla Tape adhesive is designed to create a firm bond on various surfaces, including glass. This strong adhesive is resistant to moisture, UV rays, and extreme temperatures, which makes it especially challenging to remove. However, with the right approach and materials, removing Gorilla Tape adhesive from glass can be accomplished without causing damage.

Using Heat to Loosen the Adhesive

One effective method for removing Gorilla Tape adhesive from glass is to use heat. Heat helps weaken the bond between the adhesive and the glass, making it easier to remove. Here's how you can do it:

1. Gather the Necessary Materials: To start, gather a hairdryer, a clean cloth, and a plastic scraper. The hairdryer should have adjustable heat settings to ensure controlled and safe application of heat.

2. Plug in the Hairdryer and Set it to Low Heat: Begin by plugging in the hairdryer and setting it to low heat. High heat may cause the glass to crack or shatter, so it's important to use a low heat setting.

3. Aim the Hairdryer at the Adhesive: Position the hairdryer a few inches away from the adhesive residue on the glass. Move the hairdryer back and forth, evenly distributing the heat. Continue this process for approximately 1-2 minutes, or until the adhesive becomes soft and pliable.

4. Scrape off the Adhesive: After heating the adhesive, use a plastic scraper to gently scrape off the softened adhesive from the glass. Start from one corner and work your way across the adhesive, being careful not to scratch or damage the glass surface. If necessary, apply more heat to stubborn areas and repeat the scraping process until the adhesive is fully removed.

5. Clean the Glass Surface: Once the adhesive is removed, wipe down the glass surface with a clean cloth or paper towel to remove any remaining residue. If there are any stubborn remnants, proceed to the next method for further removal techniques.

Using Rubbing Alcohol or Acetone

Another effective method for removing Gorilla Tape adhesive from glass is to use either rubbing alcohol or acetone. Both substances work by breaking down the adhesive, allowing for easier removal. Here's how you can use these solutions:

1. Gather the Necessary Materials: Collect rubbing alcohol or acetone, a clean cloth, gloves, and a plastic scraper. Ensure that you are working in a well-ventilated area or wear a mask to avoid inhaling the fumes.

2. Apply the Rubbing Alcohol or Acetone: Moisten a clean cloth with rubbing alcohol or acetone. Gently dab the cloth onto the adhesive residue, ensuring it is fully saturated. Let the solution sit on the adhesive for a few minutes, allowing it time to break down the bond.

3. Scrape off the Adhesive: After allowing the rubbing alcohol or acetone to work its magic, take a plastic scraper and gently scrape off the softened adhesive from the glass. Begin at one corner and work your way across the residue, being cautious not to scratch the glass surface.

4. Remove Any Residue: If there are any remnants of the adhesive left behind, dampen a cloth with more rubbing alcohol or acetone and gently rub the residue until it is fully dissolved. Remember to wear gloves to protect your skin during this process.

5. Clean the Glass Surface: Lastly, wipe down the glass surface with a clean cloth or paper towel to remove any leftover residue from the adhesive removal process. This will leave your glass surface clean and restored.

Using Commercial Adhesive Removers

If the aforementioned DIY methods do not yield satisfactory results, there are commercial adhesive removers available in the market specifically formulated to remove tough adhesives like Gorilla Tape adhesive. These products often come in the form of sprays or liquid solutions and can be highly effective in removing stubborn residue from glass surfaces. Follow the instructions provided by the product manufacturer for the best results, and be sure to protect your hands by wearing gloves.

Preventing Damage to the Glass Surface

While removing Gorilla Tape adhesive from glass may require some effort, it is essential to take precautions to prevent any damage to the surface. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

- Always use gentle scraping tools such as plastic scrapers or the edge of a credit card to avoid scratching the glass surface.

- Avoid using sharp objects or metal scrapers, as they can cause permanent damage to the glass.

- Test any solutions or products on a small, inconspicuous area of the glass surface before applying them to the adhesive residue. This will help ensure that the solution does not cause any discoloration or damage.

- When using heat to loosen the adhesive, be sure to keep the hairdryer at a safe distance from the glass, as excessive heat can cause cracking or breakage.

- If you are unsure about the right approach or are dealing with a delicate glass surface, consider seeking professional help or advice to avoid potential damage.


Removing Gorilla Tape adhesive from glass surfaces requires patience, the right techniques, and the appropriate materials. Whether you choose to use heat, rubbing alcohol or acetone, or commercial adhesive removers, following the correct steps and taking precautions will ensure a successful outcome without causing damage. Remember, prevention is key, so take care to protect your glass surfaces and clean up any adhesive residue promptly to maintain their elegant appearance. With these tips in mind, you can confidently tackle Gorilla Tape adhesive on glass and restore its pristine shine.

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