how to use adhesive hem tape on pants

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Adhesive hem tape is a convenient and effective solution for those who need to fix or alter the hems of pants without sewing. Whether you want to lengthen trousers, create a temporary hem, or mend a torn hemline, adhesive hem tape can be an invaluable tool in your wardrobe. This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of using adhesive hem tape on pants, providing valuable tips and tricks along the way to ensure a professional-looking finish.

Choosing the Right Adhesive Hem Tape:

Before diving into the application process, it's crucial to understand the various types of adhesive hem tape available in the market. When selecting the appropriate tape, consider the fabric of your pants, the desired hem length, and the expected durability.

Fusible Adhesive Hem Tape:

Fusible adhesive hem tape is a popular choice as it fuses the fabric layers together using heat. It is ideal for light to medium-weight fabrics and provides a sturdy hold. To use fusible tape, you will need an iron or a similar heat source. This type of tape is suitable for those who desire a more permanent hemming solution.

Temporary Adhesive Hem Tape:

Temporary adhesive hem tape offers a quick and easy solution for those who want to alter the length of their pants temporarily. It allows for easy removal without causing any damage to the fabric. This tape is perfect for occasions when you need a temporary hem alteration, such as when wearing heels with trousers. Temporary adhesive hem tape is often double-sided, providing a secure hold while remaining discreet.

Gathering the Essential Tools:

Before embarking on the hemming process using adhesive tape, it is important to gather all the necessary tools. This will ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. Here are the tools you will need:

1. Adhesive hem tape: Choose the appropriate type of adhesive hem tape based on your fabric and the desired outcome.

2. Scissors: A sharp pair of scissors will make it easier to cut the tape to the required length.

3. Measuring tape or ruler: Accurate measurements are crucial to achieving a well-finished hem.

4. Iron or hair straightener (if using fusible tape): Heat is necessary to activate the adhesive properties of the tape.

5. Garment steamer or iron (if using temporary tape): Steam or heat can help activate the adhesive for a stronger bond.

Now that you have your tools ready, it's time to delve into the process of using adhesive hem tape on pants.

Preparing the Pants:

Begin by preparing the pants for the hemming process. Follow these steps:

1. Wash and iron the pants: It is essential to ensure that the pants are clean and free from any wrinkles or creases before starting the hemming process. A clean and well-pressed fabric allows for a neater and more accurate hem.

2. Try on the pants: Put on the pants to determine the desired length. Stand in front of a mirror and mark the point where you want your new hemline to be. For a traditional hem, the mark is usually 1-2 inches above the floor when wearing shoes.

Using Adhesive Hem Tape:

Now, let's move on to the main process of using adhesive hem tape on pants.

1. Measure and cut the adhesive tape: Using a measuring tape or ruler, measure the length of the hemline. Cut the adhesive hem tape to match the measured length, ensuring that the ends are even and straight.

2. Position the adhesive tape: Place the adhesive hem tape along the marked hemline on the inside of the pants. Ensure that the tape follows the shape and curvature of the hemline.

3. Remove the protective backing: Carefully peel off the protective backing from the adhesive hem tape. Ensure that the adhesive side is exposed and ready to adhere to the fabric.

4. Fold and press: Fold the fabric over the adhesive tape, enclosing it entirely. Apply pressure and use your fingers to press firmly along the length of the hemline. This will help the adhesive bond securely with the fabric.

5. Activate the adhesive (if using fusible tape): If you are using fusible adhesive hem tape, it's time to activate the adhesive properties. Place a pressing cloth or thin fabric over the folded hemline and use an iron or a hair straightener on medium heat. Apply the heat according to the tape's instructions and press firmly for the recommended duration.

6. Set the adhesive (if using temporary tape): For temporary adhesive hem tape, use a garment steamer or iron to apply steam or targeted heat to the hemline. The heat will activate the adhesive, ensuring a secure bond.

Finishing Touches:

Once the adhesive is set, give your pants a final touch-up to achieve a polished look.

1. Trim excess fabric: If the folded hemline appears bulky, carefully trim any excess fabric to reduce bulk and achieve a smooth finish. Be cautious not to cut through the adhesive tape.

2. Test the bond: To ensure a secure bond, gently tug at the hemline. If it holds firmly and does not budge, the adhesive has adhered successfully.

3. Let it cool and set: Allow the fabric to cool down and set completely before wearing or finishing any additional alterations.


Using adhesive hem tape on pants provides a time-saving and convenient alternative to traditional sewing methods. By selecting the appropriate tape, preparing the pants, and following the step-by-step process, you can achieve professional-looking results. Adhesive hem tape is a versatile tool that allows you to create temporary or permanent hem alterations with ease. Remember to choose the right type of tape, gather the necessary tools, and take your time to ensure a secure and durable bond. With adhesive hem tape, you can confidently tackle any hemming project and enjoy perfectly tailored pants without the need for needle and thread.

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