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What is BOPP Self Adhesive Tape?


When it comes to packaging and sealing, one of the most commonly used products is BOPP self adhesive tape. But what exactly is BOPP self adhesive tape? This article will provide a comprehensive insight into this versatile and widely used tool, exploring its composition, applications, benefits, and considerations for its use. Whether you are a business owner, a packaging enthusiast, or simply curious about the world of adhesive tapes, this article aims to shed light on BOPP self adhesive tape and its various uses.

The Composition of BOPP Self Adhesive Tape

BOPP self adhesive tape consists of a combination of two key components: BOPP film and adhesive. BOPP, or biaxially oriented polypropylene, is a popular choice for the film due to its exceptional clarity, strength, and durability. This film is manufactured by stretching the polypropylene film in both the machine direction and the transverse direction, resulting in a material that can withstand the challenges of packaging and sealing applications.

The adhesive used in BOPP self adhesive tape is typically a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), which means it forms a bond upon application of pressure. PSA adhesives are known for their ability to adhere to various surfaces, making BOPP self adhesive tape suitable for a wide range of applications. Some adhesive formulas include acrylic adhesives, which offer excellent temperature resistance and adhesion qualities.

Applications of BOPP Self Adhesive Tape

1. Carton Sealing: One of the most common applications of BOPP self adhesive tape is carton sealing. Its strong adhesive properties and durable film make it ideal for securing cardboard boxes and cartons during shipping and storage. BOPP self adhesive tape offers excellent adhesion to different surfaces, ensuring that packages remain sealed, even in challenging conditions.

Manufacturers and businesses can choose from a variety of BOPP tape types, such as brown, clear, or printed tapes. Clear tapes provide a clean and professional appearance, while colored or printed tapes offer branding opportunities and enhanced aesthetics.

2. Package Tampering Protection: BOPP self adhesive tape is also utilized as a tamper-evident solution. In this context, it serves as a seal to protect packages and products from potential tampering during transportation or storage. When someone attempts to remove or tamper with the tape, it usually leaves clear evidence of interference, providing an added layer of security.

To enhance tamper-evident properties, BOPP self adhesive tape can be combined with special features such as holographic patterns, security cuts, or customized labels. These additional elements allow businesses to protect their products and build trust with consumers.

3. Gift Wrapping and Crafts: Beyond industrial and commercial applications, BOPP self adhesive tape finds popularity in gift wrapping and crafts due to its ease of use and versatility. The transparent and adhesive properties of BOPP tape make it perfect for wrapping presents, creating unique designs, and securing various craft projects. It provides a neat finish while ensuring that the wrapping stays intact until the gift is ready to be opened.

4. Labeling and Marking: BOPP self adhesive tape is commonly used for labeling and marking purposes. Its surface is compatible with ink and printing technologies, allowing businesses to create custom labels and markings for shipping boxes, inventory management, and product identification. The clarity of the tape's film ensures that the labeling is easy to read and visually appealing.

5. Bookbinding and Stationery: BOPP self adhesive tape is an effective tool for bookbinding and stationery applications. Its adhesive properties allow for secure bonding of pages, while the durability of the film ensures that the binding remains intact over time. Whether in schools, offices, or print shops, BOPP self adhesive tape provides a reliable solution for book repairs, document binding, or even creating customized sticky notes.

The Benefits of BOPP Self Adhesive Tape

1. Durability: Due to its biaxially oriented polypropylene film, BOPP self adhesive tape is highly resistant to tearing, puncturing, and abrasion. This durability ensures that packages remain securely sealed during transportation and storage, providing added protection to the contents.

2. Adhesive Strength: BOPP self adhesive tape features a pressure-sensitive adhesive that forms a strong bond with various surfaces, including cardboard, plastic, metal, and glass. Its adhesive strength ensures that the tape stays in place, even under challenging environmental conditions.

3. Temperature Resistance: With the availability of acrylic adhesive formulations, BOPP self adhesive tape exhibits excellent temperature resistance. It can withstand both high and low temperatures, making it suitable for use in various climates and environments.

4. Clarity: The transparency of BOPP self adhesive tape allows for clear visibility of labels, markings, or packaging details underneath. This clarity is advantageous for businesses that want to showcase their branding or ensure that important information remains visible.

5. Easy Application: BOPP self adhesive tape is designed for easy and hassle-free application. Whether using manual dispensers or automatic machines, the tape can be quickly and efficiently applied to the desired surface, reducing production time and increasing productivity.

Considerations for Using BOPP Self Adhesive Tape

While BOPP self adhesive tape offers numerous benefits, it is important to consider certain factors when choosing and using it for specific applications.

1. Surface Compatibility: Ensure that the adhesive used in the BOPP self adhesive tape is compatible with the material of the surface it will be applied to. Some surfaces, such as low-energy plastics or textured surfaces, may require specialized adhesive formulations.

2. Storage Conditions: BOPP self adhesive tape should be stored in a climate-controlled environment to maintain its adhesive properties and film integrity. Extreme temperatures and humidity can affect the tape's performance and reduce its shelf life.

3. Application Temperature: Depending on the adhesive formulation, BOPP self adhesive tape may require a minimum temperature for optimal adhesion. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding application temperature ranges to achieve maximum tape performance.

4. Removability: Consider the removability requirements of the tape. Some applications may require easy and residue-free removal, while others may demand a more permanent bonding. Understanding the specific needs will help in choosing the appropriate type of BOPP self adhesive tape.

5. Environmental Considerations: When selecting BOPP self adhesive tape, consider choosing products that are environmentally friendly and have minimal impact. Look for tapes that use sustainable materials or are recyclable to align with your business's sustainability goals.


BOPP self adhesive tape is a versatile and reliable tool used for various applications, ranging from carton sealing to gift wrapping and stationery. Its composition, consisting of a biaxially oriented polypropylene film and a pressure-sensitive adhesive, offers durability, adhesive strength, temperature resistance, clarity, and ease of application.

Considerations such as surface compatibility, storage conditions, application temperature, removability, and environmental impact should be taken into account when choosing and using BOPP self adhesive tape. By understanding these factors, businesses, packaging enthusiasts, and individuals can make informed decisions and utilize this adhesive tool effectively.

In conclusion, BOPP self adhesive tape plays an essential role in packaging, sealing, and various other applications. Its versatility, reliability, and numerous benefits have made it an indispensable item in numerous industries. Whether you are sealing cartons, labeling packages, or engaging in creative crafts, BOPP self adhesive tape is a reliable and efficient choice.

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