About the bond strength of pressure sensitive tapes

by:CROWN     2022-10-29

Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape in adhesive tape wholesale is a special type of adhesive, once it is attached or applied to the surface to be pasted, it can be bonded with the adherend only by applying appropriate pressure without solvent or heat.

The adhesive strength of the pressure-sensitive tape is determined by the balance between its affinity with the adherend, the cohesion of the adhesive itself and its pressure-sensitive adhesiveness. Cohesion can be obtained by increasing the molecular weight of the polymeric mediator that constitutes it, increasing the degree of cross-linking, or using polymers that can form hydrogen bonds. The affinity for the adherend can be improved by adding functional groups to the polymer chain; and the pressure-sensitive adhesiveness is closely related to the fluidity of the adhesive wood. Since the surface of the adherend is microscopically uneven, with peaks and valleys, if the polymer molecule is the largest, it will cause the adhesive to have too much cohesion. When the molecular weight and degree of cross-linking are appropriate, the adhesive has a certain fluidity and can flow into the valley under slight pressure, which will inevitably improve the bond strength

Due to the various forms of tape products, convenient use and wide applicability, it has become a widely used adhesive material in all walks of life and daily life.

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