About the working principle of high temperature double-sided tape

by:CROWN     2021-09-26

Because the high-temperature double-sided tape is coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on the surface layer. From small animals and green plants to adhesives in the 19th century, the main components of rubber-based adhesives are widely used in various polymers today. Glues can be durable items because their molecular structure and new items of connection between the molecular structure are combined, and the combined molecular structure is formed by tightly bonding together. According to different labels, different types of adhesives of the composition, there are also many different polymers.

Double-sided tape, paper, cloth, and plastic film are printing plates, flexible pressure-sensitive adhesive or epoxy resin type is made of steel plate, and the adhesive is evenly coated on the printing plate. Pressure-sensitive adhesive is made of three-part release paper (film). According to the glue, it can be divided into water-soluble resin adhesive products (oil-based double-sided tape), emulsion adhesive tape (water-based double-sided tape), hot melt adhesive cloth, tape, and adhesive tape. Generally, it is widely used for pasting and positioning leather, nameplates, stationery, electronic products, car decoration parts, shoes, paper, and handicrafts. Hot-melt double-sided tape paper stickers, stationery, office. Oily double-sided tape is mainly used for luggage leather goods, pearl cotton, sponge, shoes, and other products such as viscous products, Qiyou Bank French prison sealant, good viscosity, specializing in the production of hot stamping sealant.

is a polymerization active substance, the temperature will affect molecular activity, and the water content of super glue directly affects the use of tape. Many people think that tape is good for super glue, but it is actually incorrect. There are two specifications of tape super glue: one is the original adhesion, and the other is the retention.

The two are inversely proportional. Generally, tapes with a viscosity of less than 10 are less adhesive coatings, usually only about 20 microns, such as stationery tapes that are usually sold in bundles. Generally, the original adhesive strength of the sealing tape is 15-20. The thickness of the adhesive tape is usually 22 to 28 microns, which is the required thickness.

However, most tapes on the market will increase in thickness. In this way, the impurities in the tape will be covered, the super glue will also be stained by the toner, so fake and inferior scotch tape will show egg yellow and light green, and the quality of the plastic tape of the tape is also high and usually weak.

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