Adhesion principle of tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-20

The products of tape manufacturers are widely used in the packaging industry and are good packaging products. So what is the bonding principle of tape? Let me give you a brief introduction below.

The reason why the tape can play the role of bonding is mainly that the adhesive plays a role so that through the bonding of the tape, the items that were originally not intended to be connected can be bonded together. The first adhesive used is made of rubber. With the improvement of the production process, it is composed of various polymers, so that its own molecules and the molecules of the substances to be bonded are connected, and they are tightly bonded to each other. At the same time, it plays a good fixing role and brings great convenience to logistics packaging.

The tape is resistant to transfer and does not leave adhesive after peeling off, which is quite environmentally safe. Secondly, the tape is anti-solvent, can effectively prevent the penetration of the solvent, and can easily adapt to the rapidly changing curve shape, so that the flexibility is relatively high.

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