OEM double sided tape manufacturers, Custom Adhesive Tape in China, Wholesale Adhesive Tape in Bulk
OEM double sided tape manufacturers, Custom Adhesive Tape in China, Wholesale Adhesive Tape in Bulk

Excellent Quality & Eco-friendly Adhesive Tape

Crown adhesive tape includes high-strength tissue tape, electronic die-cutting adhesive tape, ultra-thin high adhesion adhesive tape, PET adhesive tape, non carrier transfer tape, PE/EVA foam adhesive tape, flame retardant tissue tape, acrylic adhesive tape, double sided tape. Widely used in packing, car painting, electronic, decoration, home painting, warning, protection etc.


Here are the advantages of adhesive tapes:

1. 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic, no smell, odorless, skin approachable.

2. Long time life span, wear-resisting, strong bonding, high biscosity, safe, waterproof and oil resistance, have good dimension stability, can be recycledflexiblehigh adhesion etc.

3. ISO14001, ISO9001 certified.

4. Easy to apply and remove.


If you're interested in these adhesive tapes, please inquiry now, we will email you our product E-catalog and provide you with oem/odm/custom service, get discount factory directly price.           Contact us to ask free samples and get E-catalog as soon as you can.

BOPP Self Adhesive Tape Manufacturers, custom BOPP Tape Manufacturer, Tissue Tape Suppliers

PET Adhesive Tape

PET Adhesive Tape, Adhesive Tape Suppliers

Ultra-thin High Adhesion Adhesive Tape

Ultra-thin High Adhesion Adhesive Tape, Printed Tape Manufacturers

Non Carrier Transfer Tape

Non Carrier Transfer Tape, Industrial Tape Manufacturers

High-strength Tissue Tape

High-strength Tissue Tape, Cloth Tape Manufacturers

Flame Retardant Tissue Tape

Flame Retardant Tissue Tape, double sided adhesive strips, 2 sided glue tape

PE EVA Foam Adhesive Tape

PE EVA Foam Adhesive Tape, Adhesive Tape Wholesale

Electronic Die-cutting Adhesive Tape

Electronic Die-cutting Adhesive Tape, Transparent Tape Manufacturers, Custom Sticky Tape

Hot-melt Acrylic Adhesive Tape

Economical Hot-melt Acrylic Adhesive Tape, Sealing Tape Manufacturers, Wholesale BOPP Tape

Why Choose Crown 

Leading Manufacturer of Adhesive Tape since 1990

* ZHONGSHAN CROWN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD. was established in 1990 which has over 30 years experience of researching, developing and manufacturing adhesive tapes.

* Our technical and product line becoming mature and leading us to compete with , Nitton,   Dupont,  IPG  etc. With 300,000+ successfully cases.

* Our company own more than 2000 professional employees and 3 manufacturing bases across China.   

* Our products own many patents and quality system certifications like IS09001ISO14001SGS.

* Strong production capacity, professional R&D team, own 60 advanced production lines, monthly average of over 70 million/M2 capacity, annual output are more than 10 billion pieces, exported to over 160 countries.

* We have continuously brought in advanced technologies and equipment to support in-house R&D and innovation with 2 major R&D centres across China. We have multiple class 1,000 coating cleanrooms and 10,000 cleanrooms

* Our company attended Canton fair etc.

* All of our adhesive tapes products are 100% eco-friendly.

* Free custom/OEM/ODM service supply.

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