Adhesiveness of double-sided tape

by:CROWN     2021-10-30

First of all, if you want to know the adhesiveness of the selected double sided tape manufacturer, the way is to pull the double-sided tape apart, then stick the double-sided tape directly face-to-face, and then pull the double-sided tape. Open. Then, when the double-sided tape is pulled apart, there is a case of degumming, which means that the adhesiveness of the double-sided tape is not good enough, and the adhesiveness of the double-sided tape is not strong. Or, you can use a simple method to tear off the cloth tape, stick a cotton cloth of equal weight on the surface of the cloth tape, and then observe whether the object falls immediately, and then know whether the cloth tape has a quality problem.

Secondly, you can carefully observe whether the texture on the surface of the double-sided tape is curved and disorderly arranged. As shown in the picture above, the double-sided tape pattern arrangement shows the comparison of the pictures. This means that the tensile strength of the double-sided tape is relatively small and cannot withstand heavier objects. On the contrary, if the tape has a thin pattern and is densely arranged, it means that the double-sided tape can bear a heavyweight. Relatively speaking, the cost of cloth tape is higher.

Third, observe whether there is glue overflow on both sides of the surface of the double-sided tape. If this happens, it means that the double-sided tape has been placed for too long, or whether the double-sided tape is coated with glue, whether it is not fully cured, and is flowing. In addition, observe whether the double-sided tape is degummed. All of the above are issues that consumers need to pay attention to when choosing cloth tape.

Double-sided tape is composed of cloth-based material and glue. Let us now discuss the fabric. Due to some different applications, some double-sided tapes require high tensile strength, while others do not need that high. For those with high tensile strength, the density of the tape is relatively high. On the contrary, the density of the cloth is not very high. The density here is represented by the number of meshes in the tape industry. For more information, please click to understand the mesh number of the cloth tape.

Next is the glue part. At present, the popular double-sided tape uses hot-melt adhesive double-sided tape. The performance of the glue is basically stable, and it can exert the effect of double-sided tape at room temperature. At the same time, this double-sided tape has the characteristic of not leaving glue at room temperature, so it has been widely used.

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