Advantages of using foam tape in the logistics industry

by:CROWN     2021-10-24

Now is the era of e-commerce, and the main delivery method of e-commerce is logistics, and the vigorous development of e-commerce has also driven many logistics companies. The continuous growth of the logistics industry has affected the demand for packaging materials such as acrylic foam tape, low VOC tape, and foam tape in the packaging market.

Compared with the three major packaging substrates of ordinary plastic, metal and glass, acrylic foam tape is undoubtedly one of the green packaging materials that has a way out. Economical, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable all make special tapes widely used in logistics packaging such as food, wine, light industry, medicine, health care products, cosmetics, electronics, home appliances, clothing, toys, cultural and sports goods, etc. With the rapid growth of the industry, the market demand for foam tape has also continued to surge.

Experts pointed out that the acrylic foam tape has the characteristics of waterproof and moisture-proof, and it can maintain the packaged items very well during the circulation of goods. Moreover, the tape has good toughness and is not as easy to break as the full paper packaging bag. It is not as fragile as the glass packaging substrate, and it is also very convenient and quick to use. More importantly, the cost of special tape is very low, so it is very popular with logistics companies.

'Especially for express logistics companies, the items they need to pack every day are mostly small items. If other packaging substrates are used, it will increase the packaging workload and increase the cost. Simple, convenient, and economical foam Tape is not only easy to operate, low economic cost, but also good for product maintenance, it has naturally become the choice of logistics companies.' Experts say packaging professionals pointed out that with the advancement of the foam tape production process of current production companies , Foam tape is also widely used in process production and auto parts occupations, such as low VOC tape, ultra-thin waterproof foam, acrylic tape, flame retardant tape, etc. However, the logistics profession is still a large demand market for special tape.   

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