Advantages of using sealing tape

by:CROWN     2022-11-21

Each tape is suitable for use in different situations. We must choose the appropriate tape to use. Next, the tape manufacturer will introduce the advantages of sealing tape for us.

The sealing tape has a strong fixing ability during use. Even with a small pressure, it can firmly adhere to the workpiece. Not only that, this tape is also easy to tear from the tape roll. Down, there will be no stretching and dragging. Moreover, it has a strong ability to change rapidly, and can easily change the shape of the curve. The high-quality sealing tape will not have cracks, and the back material of the tape also has the effect of preventing the penetration of solvents. In addition, the sealing tape is smooth to the touch and does not irritate the hand when pressed hard.

It should be noted that the high-temperature environment is very unsuitable for the storage of the tape. If the temperature is too high, the adhesive on the tape will become very soft and affect its use.

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