Anti Slip And Non Slip Tape For Home And Workplace Safety

by:CROWN     2020-07-02
Slip and falls may result in serious injury. Prevention of these accidents is very easy with care, attention in fact using easy to apply anti slip and non slip tape. Yellow Coarse Traction Tape Snow, ice and mud easily clog and restrict the grip capability of all traction tapes surfaces. Yellow coarse traction tape is coated along with a deep aluminium oxide mineral to keep clogging. Ideal for use in ski resorts and any area that suffers from icy or muddy health problems. Black Standard Anti Slip Tape Black standard anti slip tape is one of the common and widely used of all the anti slip tapes as it is ideal for general non slip obligation. This material has a permanent self adhesive, plastic base and is coated with extremely tough, diamond hard aluminium oxide. The anti slip capability (coefficient of friction) exceeds all legal requirements. It prevents slips and trips on stairs, internal walkways and external zones. For muddy or icy areas, a coarse tape always be used. Conformable Anti Skid Tape Conformable anti skid tape is a must have for all irregular surfaces such as diamond tread plate, 5 bar tread etc. The foil backing of conformable anti skid tape easily conforms to the peaks and valleys turning a previously slippery surface (diamond tread plate can be lethal in wet conditions) into one achieving top grip rating. Due to the nature of its purpose, conformable tape is mainly used including highly visible black and yellow stripes to highlight potentially risky areas. Transparent Non Slip Tape A clear grip tape is perfect for applying you will want an unobtrusive yet extremely effective anti slip surface. Most grip tapes use aluminium oxide which can naturally opaque, so to produce perfect clarity, a translucent S2 coating ensures a truly transparent grip tape. Fantastic applications on marble, company logos (create that amazing 3D effect!), terrazzo and all aesthetically appealing areas. Black Yellow Hazard Non Slip Flooring The as well as white yellow hazard non slip flooring and tape includes a high grip non slip surface but with high visibility stripes. Perfect for applying onto RVs, trucks, nosings and all safety critical areas. It can actually often be obtained numerous shapes and sizes for should there be an outstanding requirement. Glow At night Plain Colour Anti Skid Tape Photoluminescent anti slip tape combines a high grip surface yet also possesses a bright glow in the dark capability. The photoluminescent anti skid tape is charged by natural or incandescent lights; they store origin . and slowly release it when the lighting dims. Ideal for stair nosings, walkways and other potentially hazardous areas, will emit a glow make an effort of power failure. Invaluable for any organization which wants to fulfil all requirements, this material does not contain any radioactive product. Red White Hazard Sandpaper Tape Red and white hazard sandpaper tape helps lessen insurance and liability risks through its warning capabilities as well as its grip. This kind of sandpaper tape product is good for all industrial and commercial applications. Aqua Non Slip Tape Aqua non slip tape has a multitude of uses from baths and showers to boats, hot tubs and swimming pools. Aqua floor tapes are completely non-abrasive yet still allows great grip as many uses of this specific tape are where bare feet can be found. These tapes can be seen in cut sizes or rolls is recommended for baths and wet rooms to apply the aqua floor tape in strips to develop a ladder type effect. The material does not contain any grit same goes with not harbor any dirt or bacterium.
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