Application tips for transparent tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-21

Scotch tape is available at home, but sorry to put something on it, Scotch tape wholesalers tell you the magic use of Scotch tape.

1. Drilling, do you often control the drilling depth when drilling holes in the wall? If you measure the length with your fingernail and then put a piece of tape in the hole punch, it will probably be accurate.

2. Control the amount of seasoning, not always spoon-licking salt and cornstarch when cooking. This is a small spoon that sticks the tape over the mouth of the bottle and scrapes lightly.

3. Remove the hair from the coat, clothes and hats in the house will inevitably stick to the hair, use clear glue to wrap the hands and loosen the hair of the coat easily.

4. Make a sticker, when you see the pattern you want, you can print it, apply clear glue, scrape the surface with a spoon, cut it, dip it in water, then wipe and stick it to the cup.

5. To clean the fingerprints and stains on the keyboard, first remove the scotch tape, stick it to the keyboard, gently bend the keyboard with your hand, and then peel off the scotch tape, this can easily remove the back and forth stains on the keyboard surface many times.

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