Causes of cracks in scotch tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-07

Tapes are used in many industries, but we found that there will be cracks in the process of use. What is the reason for this? Now let's take a closer look.

In fact, when we receive scotch tape, we need to unpack and inspect the tape. Note that when unpacking, we cannot use a knife to cut directly from the middle, but from both ends. The lower knife cannot be too deep, and the thickness of the carton is very thick. Then, if the lower knife is too hard, it will cut the adhesive tape it touches on. If the adhesive tape has a little knife wound, the whole roll will be scrapped, and it will break as soon as you pull it. The tip of a knife or sharp object is in contact with the tape.

Because the material of the product is polyethylene, we need to pay attention to placing it in a place that cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, which can ensure the stable performance of the product, bring us great benefits, and ensure that resources will not be wasted. When storing, it is found that the storage temperature can be kept at about 25 degrees Celsius. Generally, the storage period of the product is about half a year. It should be packaged and stored in a cool and dry environment, avoid sunlight, freezing, and high temperature, and protect the tape from damage so that it can be used smoothly when needed in the future.

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