Causes of tape aging

by:CROWN     2022-10-30

Tape has been loved and supported by a lot of consumers in our life, but do you know the reason why our tape is aging after use? What is the reason for the popularity of tape wholesale!

1. The oxygen content in oxygen and air accounts for 21%, and oxygen has the characteristics of accelerating the oxidation of substances, and the activity is heavy. The reason for the rapid oxidation of the tape is that the tape changes. But when we stick the tape, don't let the tape produce foam. Of course, in the case of tape breathability, this factor is unavoidable.

2. Ultraviolet rays and ultraviolet rays have high temperature characteristics and can quickly decompose viscous substances. The tapes exposed to the sun for a long time will decompose and cause the tapes to age. Use the tape in this place to see that the object is not exposed to sunlight.

3. Plasticizers, the main function is to soften plastics. The plasticizers contained in most plastic products change with time, and the proportion of plasticizers in the material itself is increasing, resulting in the aging of tapes and other substances. These factors May cause long-term tape breakage, softening, hardening, and loss of tack.

4. Metals, especially brass or melted daily life, any organic compounds can have substances and metals, especially brass or rust, cause chemical reactions, and tapes contain organic compounds that cause tapes to age. When applying tape protection film to many metals, or when certain parts are required, care must be taken to prevent the tape from causing the parts to fall off or worse.

5. Bleach, the main ingredient is calcium oxide, which causes a chemical reaction between calcium and organic compounds, which usually occurs rarely.

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