Characteristics and application of foam tape

by:CROWN     2021-10-23

Acrylic foam tape is relatively rare in our daily life. Many people will be confused by its name, thinking that it is a tape compatible with water or organic liquids, and will hold a questioning attitude, because general sealing tape, such as scotch tape, will lose its original cohesion.

The scientific name of acrylic foam tape is emulsion acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is a kind of double-sided tape. Its characteristics are surplus between the ordinary double-sided tape and oil-based double-sided tape. The acrylic monomer is emulsified under the action of the surfactant. , And obtained by emulsion polymerization with water as the medium. Compared with solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, emulsion-based acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives have the advantages of low cost, safe operation, and no environmental pollution.

The characteristics of foam tape are as follows: initial adhesion, lasting adhesion, long-lasting adhesion, and a wide range of applications. It has an insulating effect. Foam tape can play a bonding role for most materials. Moreover, it has good aging resistance. Once it is bonded, it will not fall off under normal circumstances as long as it is not artificially torn off.

The industry application of foam tape is relatively extensive, such as: fixing of insulating materials and sound insulation materials, electrical parts, circuit boards, and other electronic industrial uses, which are widely used for bonding, fixing, and laminating.

Its storage method is very convenient, with few restrictions. It can be stored in a dry and clean warehouse for one year. The temperature is generally 5-33 ℃. Do not mix with organic solvents and store them for transportation. Do not roll or throw at will.

Acrylic foam tape has strong usability, so it is widely used in the electronics industry and industrial fields. Our daily life is generally replaced by transparent tape and ordinary double-sided tape.

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