Components of Scotch Tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-21

Scotch tape compositions consist of base materials and other auxiliary materials. Auxiliary materials include hardeners, reinforcing agents, diluents, fillers, coupling agents, etc. Some adhesives do not necessarily contain many components, depending on the nature and purpose of the adhesive, check with the tape manufacturer.

1. Substrate: The substrate is the most basic component of the adhesive and one of the components of the transparent belt.

2. Curing agent: The curing agent is a substance that cures the substrate into a solid, and is the main component of the adhesive.

3. Reinforcement: Reinforcement can increase the toughness of the adhesive layer, improve the ability to resist the impact, peeling, and bending of the adhesive layer, reduce the reaction heat and shrinkage rate during the curing process, and is one of the components of the transparent tape.

4. Thinner: Thinner can reduce the viscosity of the adhesive, make it easier to handle, and improve the wettability and fluidity of the adhesive.

5. Fillers: Adding fillers to the glue can improve the mechanical properties of the glue and is one of the components of transparent tape.

The good quality sealing tape has a very smooth appearance, no white spots, very smooth, no wrinkles. If the sealing tape is a mixture of impurities, there will be many white spots scattered irregularly, which will not disappear under the action of hydraulic pressure. When judging the stickiness of sealing tape, you can use the tape to stick items and shake them quickly to see the holding force, repeat a few times, and touch with your hands until the viscosity drops significantly.

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