Correct use of double-sided tape can extend life

by:CROWN     2021-09-29

In the process of using double-sided tape, there will always be some problems. It is favored by many consumers in the construction industry and industrial machinery and equipment sealing. At the same time, many consumers began to pay attention to the service life of the double-sided tape. Let us introduce it below.

Because of the gap-filling performance of butyl waterproof tape products, it is particularly important in its gap-filling engineering. At the same time, it also has good bond strength, tensile strength and mechanical properties. Suitable for interface surface shape and cracking. It is very sturdy, and as long as it is used correctly, its service life can be as long as twenty years.

Of course, before using double-sided tape, you must first remove the dirt on the surface to ensure its cleaning process. After using the tape, place it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight or rain. Maintaining good condition will not affect secondary use.

Butyl waterproof tape is a kind of self-adhesive waterproof sealing tape that uses butyl rubber as the main raw material, combined with other additives, and is processed by advanced technology that will not cure for life. Suitable for all kinds of material surfaces. At the same time, it has extremely strong adhesion, and at the same time has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and water resistance, and can play a role in sealing, damping and protecting the surface of the adherend. The product is completely solvent-free, so it will not shrink or emit toxic gases. Because it will not cure for life, it can follow the thermal expansion and contraction and mechanical deformation of the surface of the adherend. It is a very advanced waterproof sealing material.

1. First, we need to control the temperature range of butyl waterproof tape, usually between minus 15 to 45 degrees. If it is within this temperature range, we need to take corresponding measures. When in use, the temperature of the bottom surface should be higher than 5 degrees Celsius to ensure the bonding strength and can be specially made for special low-temperature conditions.

2. According to the actual needs of the project, choose different waterproof membranes, different working methods, and choose different types, different specifications and sizes of tape. Make sure to choose the correct model, size and specification.

3. The foundation of the operation should be kept dry, free of floating dust, no oil stains, and wiped with a cloth, and attention should be paid to the firmness and smoothness of the bonding parts on the brick wall or concrete surface. If the surface is poor, cement yarn should be used. The slurry is trimmed to make the surface smooth and firm without sand floating.

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