Detail of double-sided tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-21

Tape wholesalers will share some small details about the use of double-sided tape.

1. Allow the plate, tape, and platen to sit at room temperature for some time before placing the plate. The seams of the double-sided tape should be staggered from the seams of the printing plate.

2. The plate and plate cylinder should be cleaned before installation. If the board is glued into the casing, small air pressure should be used so that the casing does not deform.

3. When gluing the tape, it is best to use a rubber scraper to sweep the tape evenly from the roller in a parallel sweep, and there should be no air bubbles between the tape and the plate roller.

4. Before placing the printed board, avoid premature contact between the printed board and the tape. After determining the printing position, remove the protective layer of the tape when attaching the printing plate to the tape in a parallel scan.

5. When cleaning the plate during printing, do not touch the cleaning agent with the tape to avoid damaging the tape. When removing the plate from the tape, the angle between the plate and the tape should not exceed 90 degrees.

6. The double-sided tape can seal the printing plate well, effectively avoid the ink pollution caused by the deformation of the printing plate interface caused by scratching, and is very economical.

7. Excessive reuse of double-sided tape can reduce print quality, especially if new replacements are to be used for a long time.

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