Detailed analysis of the development trend of sealing tape

by:CROWN     2021-11-18

Carton sealing tape is very developed abroad, and it is still in the development period in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in my country, where it is increasing at a rate of 8% every year.

Shopping malls are constantly expanding, and their competitiveness is constantly increasing. Many foreign companies have established offices in our country, and even directly established factories in our country for production.

This is very competitive for Chinese enterprises. In addition, the price of oil, which is the original material of the sealing tape, is constantly increasing. Therefore, in addition to continuous efforts on the original material, it is also necessary to continuously update and innovate the technology.

The following will introduce the following trend of sealing tape for us:  

First of all, the information on the sealing tape must be environmentally friendly. This is the basic requirement of every country. Our country used to exchange economic development at the cost of the environment. Now we all know how much money has been spent and our environment has not been restored. Therefore, the products produced by a company must be environmentally friendly, otherwise, it will be The place where things stand.

The technical content of the sealing tape needs to be improved. Technological innovation and functional improvement are the development direction of the adhesive industry. The manufacturers of the sealing tape will also adjust to the direction of high technological content. The main point is to improve the acrylic solvent-based adhesive. , Polyurethane glue, epoxy glue, optical and photosensitive glue, pressure-sensitive glue and organic silica gel, and other glue system functions.

Product upgrading is accelerated. The world's adhesive shopping malls are developing steadily, technological innovation is getting faster and faster, new technologies and products are constantly being born, which promotes the continuous upgrading of the adhesive industry, and the application areas will continue to expand.

There are also high quality requirements for products. In an increasingly competitive industry, not only those who possess the technology can compete.

There are also excellent quality, the continuous development of the sealing tape industry, the quality of the products is also very high. The quality of the product is also an important part of the competition.

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