Different applications of hook tape

by:CROWN     2021-10-20

In consumer electronics, home appliances, and other industries, users are increasingly pursuing thin and exquisite product appearance, pursuing individualization and fresh experience: the pace of product upgrading is also accelerating: the combined assembly, maintenance, and even recycling of various parts Put forward higher requirements.

The non-marking hook foam and easy-pull tape series of adhesive products: Because of its special substrate and glue design: it can guarantee high adhesion for a long time: and has excellent anti-push performance and shock resistance. When it is necessary to release the bonding, stretching the tape can be easily achieved, and ensure that the bonded materials are not damaged or even leave any traces: between movement and static, the contradiction between reliable fixation and convenient disassembly is resolved. Faced with the parts that need to be replaced, repaired, and reworked, especially the modules with reusable value, we completely bid farewell to the 'hard pull'.

Application Case 1: Smart Phone Battery Fixing

Hooking tape is used in smartphones to be thin, thin, and precise. The use of screws, buckles, glue, and other traditional fixing methods will greatly limit design and innovation. Especially the battery: Built-in has become the mainstream trend of assembly: it needs to be firmly fixed on the fuselage, but it is also one of the parts that need to be replaced. The bonding effect of Actape can fully meet this demand.

Application case 2: LCD screen assembly

When assembling the 'precious' LCD screen: fix the glass panel to the plastic or metal frame, and use the hook tape to not only bear the weight of the glass: to ensure long-term safe bonding: during heavy work or rework: easy to disassemble: The glass is also unscathed.

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