Distinguishing points of tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-22

The products wholesaled by tape manufacturers have become an essential necessity in daily life, but most people are misunderstood when buying tapes, and I think tapes with low viscosity and good hand viscosity are qualified points.

Common types are 20 to 28 microns thick, but most tapes on the market have impurities that add to their thickness. The adhesive is also mixed with toner to cover impurities, so Scotch tape appears yellow and bright in eggs, indicating that this tape is generally poor. The use of tape is actually very common, it is sold in stores and supermarkets by tape manufacturers, let's take a look at how to distinguish tape. Look at the smell first, the brightness second, and the color of the tape last.

Under normal circumstances, the tape has no irritating odor and no heavy color. Note that its viscosity is medium. High-quality products have good viscosity, and there will be no imagination of glue marks overflowing. The application of tape has been widely used in various fields, this tape manufacturer can provide you with high-quality and reliable tape, please feel free to buy and use it.

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