Do you know how to choose double-sided tape?

by:CROWN     2021-12-16

Double-sided tape is divided into many types, and the material of the tape used to paste different things is also different. Let’s take a look today.

1. Hot melt adhesive: suitable for bonding nameplates, plastics, hardware, and bonding on uneven surfaces.

Reason: The color is translucent or amber, the hot-melt softening temperature is 116-123℃, it has a good consistency, uniform bonding thickness, no solvent, easy processing, and good adhesion to many objects.

2. Double-sided adhesive tape for foam substrate: suitable for bonding air conditioners, office furniture, and communication products, and can replace screw fixing designs.

Reason: It has the advantages of softness, good conformability, good initial tack and stickiness, good solvent resistance, and UV resistance.

3. Non-woven fabric substrate double-sided tape: suitable for nameplates, plastic laminating, automobiles, mobile phones, electrical appliances, sponge, rubber, signs, paper products, toys, and other industries, as well as home appliances and electronic instrument parts assembly.

Reason: Generally, long-term temperature resistance of 70-80℃, good viscosity, and processability.

4. Double-sided adhesive without substrate: suitable for bonding nameplates, panels, and decorative parts.

Reason: Generally, it has a long-term temperature resistance of 120-145℃, good processability, good temperature resistance, excellent adhesion effect, prevention of falling off, and excellent waterproof performance.

5. PET substrate double-sided adhesive: suitable for bonding nameplates, LCDs, decorations, and decorative pieces.

Reason: Good temperature resistance and strong shear resistance.

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