Features of masking tape products

by:CROWN     2021-12-25

1. Masking tape adhesive tape is a self-adhesive adhesive tape based on resin-impregnated crepe paper. Used for sealing and packaging. Painting, coating and masking during sandblasting. Fixing of electronic components and wires.

2. Curing adhesive with a special composition, provides excellent solvent resistance and high temperature resistance and does not leave any adhesive traces.

3. The tape can be easily bent into a curve to the circular protective edge without breaking.

4. Retention: The adhesiveness of the masking tape itself can still provide proper retention even under heavy pressure.

5. Easy to tear and easy to operate: It can be used even without scissors or blades.

6. Adherence: The tape can be affixed to a high-curvature surface, and the thickness is enough to not need to make up.

7. Moderate unwinding force: Masking tape is not too heavy nor too light, and the unwinding force is easy to operate.

8. Smoothness: The tape base material is smooth and will not cause the user's skin to feel uncomfortable.

9. Not easy to break into pieces: the tape will not automatically divide into multiple pieces.

10. Instant tackiness: Masking tape will be tacky when touched.

11. Solvent resistance: The crepe paper base material is resistant to solvent penetration.

12. The basic color of the masking tape will not fall off.

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