How about production process for 2 sided tape?
To design powerful 2 sided tape, It is crucial to begin with the manufacturing processes in the mind. To be standout, CROWN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. listens to customers' requests in creation. Every production stage ought to be modulated with good care.
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CROWN has passed the test of double sided adhesive tape to produce the Solvent acrylic adhesive tape with finest quality. acrylic foam tape produced by CROWN Adhesive Tape is very popular in the market. CROWN fire resistant adhesive tape is manufactured through a closely controlled chemical combination. All the ingredients are processed at high temperatures to achieve great chemical properties. Made in high-end clean rooms, it has high cleanliness. Our products have won many praises from customers worldwide. The product is popular for its moisture resistance property.

We assume our social responsibility in protecting consumers' rights and interests. We pledge not to produce any harmful, toxic, and health-dangering products.

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