How about the quality management implemented in CROWN Adhesive Tape?
In CROWN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD., the pass rate of each completed product test is over 98%. This proves the excellent management effect. We attach great importance to the quality management of materials. We have extensively evaluated the profiles of material suppliers to determine their product reliability. Thanks to the high quality products, we have received good reviews from our customers and end users.

CROWN Adhesive Tape is highly recognized and praised by the Chinese market. We are a reliable manufacturer of double sided tissue tape, specializing in production and distribution. The fire resistant adhesive tape series has become a hot product of CROWN Adhesive Tape. Instead of illuminating in all directions, this product emits light in one specific direction only. This prevents energy wastage and also keeps the surrounding cool. It is safe and eco-friendly and does no harm to people. CROWN Adhesive Tape is able to design adhesive tape products to suit clients' market demands. Made in high-end clean rooms, it has high cleanliness.

Promoting double sided tape to achieve the value of CROWN is the goal of the company. Check it!
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