How is tape made?

by:CROWN     2022-10-30

There are still many applications of tape in our lives, and before using it, we can learn about its production knowledge from the tape manufacturer.

When producing the tape, the raw materials of plastic particles are added to the film blowing machine, and the plastic film is blown into a plastic film with a width of about 1.3M. Different plastic particles are selected according to the purpose of the tape, and some special additives are added. Note that after blowing the film, put the film on the coating machine to apply glue. This process is mainly based on the viscosity and use of the tape to select the glue. After coating, it is the tape. The large roll of plastic film is also passed through the rewinding machine, and then re-rolled into a small roll of film, which is rewinding according to the length required by the tape that is usually used.

For the rewinding small film, the slitting machine is used to cut it into the width required for normal use. In the production process of the tape, the two processes of film blowing and coating are very important.

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