How is the price determined when custom-made tape?

by:CROWN     2022-10-15

When you are a tape manufacturer, you will have certain requirements for the printing of the tape, and you need to change the template for printing. Therefore, there will inevitably be some deviations in the price of custom tape printing. So what is the price based on? Let me introduce myself to you below.

In fact, when we manufacture products, we first look at the accuracy of product printing, because it is customized by the customer, and the quantity of the customized tape may be slightly different from the one you ordered. Your reservation is exactly the same, and the final number of products produced shall prevail. When ordering, if the quantity is small, the price will be more expensive, because it will waste manpower time. Secondly, it needs to be placed in a suitable environment, which prolongs the life of the product and saves us a lot of costs. These make the transparent sealing glue suitable for the transportation of long-distance heavyweight goods, thereby ensuring the safety of the goods.

Generally, when we manufacture a product, we need to check the basic material of the product. The curing agent is a substance that hardens the base material into a solid and is the main component of the glue. The toughening agent can increase the toughness of the adhesive layer, improve the impact resistance, peel resistance, and bending resistance of the adhesive layer, and reduce the reaction heat and shrinkage rate during curing.

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