How is the tape made?

by:CROWN     2021-10-09

1. The whole process of tape production is: from the plastic pellet raw material to the film blowing machine, blowing into a plastic film, the width is generally about 1.3M. According to the purpose of the tape, choose different plastic particles and add some special additives.

2. After blowing the film, spread the film on the coating machine and apply glue. In fact, this process is mainly based on the viscosity and purpose of the tape to choose the glue. The tape is the tape after the glue is applied. However, it is still 1.3M wide and there are hundreds of meters of large-volume plastic film, which cannot be separated. The characteristics of stretch film production mode and the main control elements!

3. Then the large roll of plastic film needs to be wound into a small roll by a winder, which can be re-wound based on the length of the tape we usually use.

4. The rewinding of the small film can be cut with a slitting machine to use the required tape width, such as 1CM width or other widths. The two steps of tape production that affect the quality of the saw blade are film blowing and coating. Because these two processes are semi-finished products, the latter is rewinding. The impact of slitting on the tape is relatively small.

5. The color of the tape is for the purpose of marking and shielding, generally beige and khaki are more. The color of the colored tape is the color of the glue. Clamp the scotch tape, and then quickly pull it apart, the rubber can be pulled out to show the purity and transparency of the original film.

6. Adhesive tape is the original film based on BOPP after high voltage corona. After the rough surface and glue, the tape is divided into small rolls. This is the tape we use every day. The tape is acrylic adhesive, also known as pressure-sensitive adhesive, and its main ingredient is rouge. Rouge is a polymer active substance, and the temperature has a certain effect on molecular activity.

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