How many double sided acrylic foam tape are produced by CROWN Adhesive Tape per year?
The double sided acrylic foam tape has a high output in the CROWN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD.. We can expand production according to market demand. We process any order that exceeds the minimum amount. Production will be carried out to ensure on-time delivery as planned.
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With the positioning of high-end brands, CROWN has won a wide reputation in the world. CROWN Adhesive Tape's tissue tape series contains multiple sub-products. In order to achieve better water purification effect, CROWN die cut double sided tape is carefully developed. The R&D members gradually optimize the filter systems, including pre-filters, mid-filters, and post-filters. It contains no optical brightener and is applicable to the daily necessities, cosmetics, and health care products. In our strict quality assurance procedures, any defects of the products have been avoided or eliminated. It is widely used in the fields of digital electronics, package and printing, clothing, and so on.

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