How many types of masking tape are divided into?

by:CROWN     2021-11-26

Masking tape key points are divided into the following three categories:

1. According to different temperatures, it can be divided into normal temperature, medium temperature, and high temperature masking tape.

2. Masking tape can be divided into low viscosity, medium viscosity, and high viscosity according to its viscosity.

3. According to the color, it can be divided into red primary colors, colorful textured paper, etc. Reality

Attention to international operations:

1. Keep the adherend clean and dry, otherwise, it will endanger the actual bonding effect;

2. Increase a certain amount of force to make the adherend and the tape cater very well;

3. After use, remove the tape as soon as possible to avoid showing glue stains;

4. The masking tape does not have the effect of anti-UV, avoid sunlight;

5. Different natural environments and sticky objects will show different results first, such as laminated glass, metal materials, plastics, etc., which must be used before many applications. Masking tape is mainly used for power capacitor electronic components, strip-shaped packaging, paint spraying projects or the edges of general paints, and used for heat-resistant spray paint to shield and protect the surface of vehicles, iron, or plastic components and furniture. Printing plate lasting and home decoration in the electronics industry and machinery manufacturing industry.

Is it a high-quality way to distinguish masking tape:

1. Look at the high-quality high-temperature masking tape, which is soft and well-proportioned in color, and does not simply have messy deposition and mixed colors. For high-quality masking tape, there are not simply glue stains and super glue.

2. The compressive strength of lamella paper itself is very strong, it has excellent compressive strength, and it is not easy to break.

3. Shaking masking tape has tensile strength and strength. Shaking it a few times during application will make it sticky and not easy to slip off.

4. The masking tape is more sticky and durable, and you can feel it after you get your hand.

5. I heard that some manufacturers use mixed and melted vapors and acids to control the cost, and they will smell a very big taste. Assuming that xylene is melted according to the requirements, it is not simple and very tasteful. It must be noted that the masking tape does not need to be pasted for too long. The next time the hot melt gun is used up is to carry out the next pasting. It is not necessary to place the masking tape on the laminated glass for a long time. Some tapes are very likely. Stickiness will remain and it will be inconvenient to clean up afterward.

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