How to avoid glue residue when tearing tape?

by:CROWN     2022-10-02

The products of tape manufacturers are very important packaging materials for us. It is very embarrassing if there is residual glue during use, so how can we avoid it when we use it?

The correct way is to tear off at a right angle, the measured peeling force is small, and it is less likely to cause glue residue. It is less likely to cause glue residue if the peeling speed is moderately slow. The 30-degree peeling operating environment and the temperature of the attached surface are less likely to cause glue residue, and it is better to approach the low-temperature part. In fact, tearing the tape also requires a certain scientific basis. As long as we use scientific methods, we can largely prevent the occurrence of residual adhesive residues.

Of course, the premise is that the quality of the tape we use is qualified, otherwise, no matter how we operate, there will be residual glue, and we should pay attention to its quality when purchasing.

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