How to avoid static electricity generated by the sealing tape?

by:CROWN     2021-11-25

Static electricity is not unfamiliar to us. When we wear sweaters in winter, static electricity will happen. And static electricity will cause some changes in the quality of the sealing tape, so the sealing tape should try to prevent static electricity. So, how to prevent static electricity from sealing tape?

1. It is best to add metal wire to the outside of the sealing tape, and the idler is made of conductive materials, and the two are grounded, so as to prevent the sealing tape from the idler and the material from being transported. Static electricity occurs due to conflict or separation.

2. When the hopper is used to transport solid materials, the sealing tape will also generate static electricity due to the conflict between the hopper and the material and between the materials. Therefore, the hopper with a larger volume should also be transported with conductive materials. Production, the same should also be grounded.

3. When people are dumping and packing solid materials, they should try to prevent conflicts, and try not to use non-conductive foam materials in packaging.

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