How to check tape cracks?

by:CROWN     2022-10-05

The use of tape manufacturers' products is very popular among users. The occurrence of cracks will affect the use of the tape and make it obtain the best application effect. Therefore, it is necessary to check the cracks of the tape in time to ensure the normal use of the tape.

In the production of tape, if the slitting knife is not adjusted properly or the blade is not sharp, cracks will appear on the top or bottom paper of the double-sided tape, and the fibers pulled out from the cracks will be stuck by the adhesive. The occurrence of cracks may be consecutive or random and may appear on one side of the roll of double-sided tape, or on both sides. Therefore, before machining the double-sided tape, be sure to carefully check the backing paper and surface of the double-sided tape. Whether there are small cracks in the paper.

In addition, you can also take a piece of tape to customize the manufacturer's sample paper, peel off the backing paper and check again whether there are cracks on the backing paper and the backing paper. Because the cracks are sometimes very small, they can only be found after separating the backing paper and the backing paper, so the application of tape works better.

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