How to choose double-sided tape?

by:CROWN     2021-09-19

There are many types of double sided tape, and the materials used to stick different things are also different.

1. Hot Melt Adhesive Tape:

Suitable for bonding nameplates, plastics, hardware, and bonding on uneven surfaces.

Reason: The color is translucent or amber, the hot-melt softening temperature is 116-123℃, it has a good consistency, uniform bonding thickness, solvent-free, easy to process, and has good adhesion to many objects.

2. Foam substrate double-sided adhesive

Suitable for bonding air conditioners, office furniture, communication products, and can replace screw fixing designs.

Reason: It has the advantages of flexibility, good conformability, good initial adhesion and retention of adhesion, good solvent resistance, and UV resistance.

3. Non-woven base double-sided tape

Suitable for nameplates, plastic laminates, automobiles, mobile phones, electrical appliances, sponges, rubber, signs, paper products, toys, and other industries, as well as the assembly of household appliances and electronic instrument parts.

Reason: Generally, long-term temperature resistance of 70-80℃, good viscosity, and processability.

4. Double-sided tape without substrate

Suitable for bonding nameplates, panels, and decorative parts.

Reason: Usually long-term temperature resistance is 120-145℃, good processability, good temperature resistance, good adhesion effect, prevention of falling off, and good waterproof performance.

5. PET substrate double-sided tape

Suitable for bonding nameplates, LCDs, decorations, and decorative parts.

Reason: Good heat resistance and strong shear resistance.

The main influence on the viscosity of double-sided tape is temperature, humidity, cleanliness, pressure, time, etc.

First of all, the general double-sided tape is suitable for laminating processing at a temperature of 10 degrees to 40 degrees. Exceeding or lowering the temperature will affect the effect of the paste.

Secondly, it is humidity. Too much humidity will cause moisture to adhere to the veneer, which will affect the adhesion of the tape and the adhered object. A dry surface is more suitable.

Third, the surface of the object to adhere to the double-sided tape needs to be cleaned. If the surface is dusty, greasy, etc., it will affect the bonding effect.

Once again, apply pressure during the bonding process to completely fix the ordinary object, and then backpressure three times. Double-sided tape takes 24 hours to achieve perfect results.

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