How to choose high-quality tape

by:CROWN     2022-11-19

Tape is also a very important packaging material. What aspects should we pay attention to when purchasing this product from tape manufacturers?

The quality of the tape can be seen from the brightness of the tape film. Generally speaking, the color of the inferior tape film will be dark, and this kind of tape is easy to break. The color of high-quality tape is relatively white, and the impurities are relatively small, so the adhesiveness of such tape is better. We'd better choose the tape with a thick paper tube, which looks more classy and gives people an illusion. The thicker the paper tube and the larger the outer ring, the more the tape is rolled. You can also touch the thickness of the tape film with your hand. The tape with a hard film is generally of inferior quality. The too thick tape will also reduce the number of times of use.

Generally speaking, the tapes with better quality, the selected films are softer and have good stretchability by hand. These are the methods we use to judge their quality.

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