How to choose the raw material for masking tape?

by:CROWN     2021-11-03

Masking tape is made of masking paper as the base material and then coated with adhesive. If you need to make a good masking tape, the selection of raw materials becomes extremely important. So, how should the masking paper, which is the raw material for masking tape, be selected?

The selection of textured paper mainly focuses on the following aspects:

1. Impermeability:

When applying water-based adhesive or solvent-based adhesive, the adhesive cannot penetrate to the reverse side. We have encountered this kind of situation. After coating, the glue soaks into the coating roller, mainly because the paper's anti-seepage treatment has not been done well. The anti-seepage experiment can be carried out in the laboratory first, and the coating glue is dropped on the coated surface of the coated paper to observe the impregnation condition of the reverse side.

2. Wet and dry tension:

Dry tension is to ensure that the tape will not be broken during unwinding, rewinding, slitting, and use; wet tension is to ensure continuous paper during the coating and gluing process. The wet and dry tensile force should be tested separately in the longitudinal and transverse directions. Because the aspect ratios of different manufacturers' papers are different, the largest aspect ratio we are exposed to can reach 3.2, while the smallest is 1.2. Longitudinal tension is often more important, but too small horizontal tension can also affect the application.

3. Absorption of glue:

That is to ensure that a certain thickness of glue layer can be coated on the paper. Due to excessive or improper anti-seepage treatment or waterproof treatment, some papers have insufficient absorption of glue. When passing through a scraper or a scraper, the glue is simply taken away and cannot reach a certain amount of glue.

4. Binding force with glue:

Some textured papers have poor binding force with the coating glue. The adhesive layer is easily transferred after being coated into a roll, or the adhesive is simply detached from the paper surface during use. These can be reviewed by small-scale experiments. .

5. Temperature resistance:

For temperature resistant tape, the temperature resistance of the base paper is also very important. Many textured papers tend to turn yellow and become brittle and hard under high temperature conditions. Simple stretches or warps during use affect their use. Textured paper has different temperature resistance grades, the temperature resistance of normal temperature type is below 80℃; the temperature resistance of medium temperature type is 80℃-120℃; the temperature resistance of high temperature type is 120℃-180℃. The appropriate temperature resistance grade should be selected according to the use and application conditions of the tape, and the temperature resistance test can be done in the laboratory first.

6. Softness:

Masking tape is generally used for wrapping. To achieve excellent adhesion to the surface to adhere, the base paper must be soft, and the softness can be felt through the hand.

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