How to choose the right tape?

by:CROWN     2022-09-28

The products of tape manufacturers are indispensable supplies in the life of any enterprise, company, or individual. Because of their low technical content and many domestic manufacturers, the products on the market are uneven. How choose a suitable tape is very important.

The production of the tape is based on the original film after high-voltage corona, making one surface rough, coating it with glue, and then dividing it into small rolls by fire bars. The strength of the tape depends on the quality and thickness of the BOPP film, and the raw materials selected. The BOPP film made of granules has good brightness, strong flexibility, and few black spots of impurities. The tape made of this film is generally not mixed with toner to cover impurities, so the finished transparent tape is pure white in color, and it will be left for about a week. The transparency of the tape is very high.

In the production of general tape manufacturers, the thickness of the BOPP film used is between 28 and 30 microns, but because the strength of the BOPP film partially doped with recycled materials decreases, only the thickness of the thick film is increased, and the quality of the finished tape is better. Well, it's better to use.

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