How to deal with the residual glue of transparent tape?

by:CROWN     2022-11-19

Transparent tape is a common product type for tape manufacturers, and after use, its residual glue is difficult to deal with. What should I do about it?

You can use a wet towel to clean up, first soak the area with tape marks with a wet towel, and then slowly wipe it, but note that this method can only be used on items that are not afraid of moisture or water. Alcohol can also be used to wipe, but the original color will also be wiped off, so if it is a colored place, it is not suitable to use alcohol for cleaning. In addition, wiping with detergent will also have a good effect. In addition to these aspects, it is to use ordinary nail remover to remove the glue residue.

Generally, the transparent tape is transparent in appearance, sticky on both sides, non-toxic, odorless, safe, convenient to use, high in efficiency, and has the advantages of high buffer strength, good retraction rate, puncture resistance and tear resistance.

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