How to detect the thickness of tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-23

There are various products here, but in the process of use, they can meet the needs of people very well, but in daily life, how should we detect their thickness? Today, I tell everyone what I know.

In fact, there are currently many methods to test the thickness of the scotch tape. Generally speaking, the thickness of this tape can be divided into two types, one is an in-line test, and the other is an off-line test, in which the earliest off-line thickness is used. measurement technology. With the continuous progress of society, online thickness measurement equipment appeared later, so that the thickness of the tape can be measured. On-line thickness measurement technology and non-on-line thickness measurement technology are completely different in test principles. Therefore, pay attention to its use method during use.

Through the above brief introduction, I believe that you have a certain understanding of this knowledge. For unqualified products, it is not allowed to continue to use, nor to complete their own packaging tasks, so you should pay special attention in the selection process.

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