How to distinguish the quality of industrial double-sided tape?

by:CROWN     2022-11-03

The industrial double-sided tape in the wholesale of tapes has its unique application field, and before selecting it, be sure to check its quality to ensure that there is no problem.

If it is a non-substrate double-sided tape, it has no impurities and is crystal clear. If it contains impurities, it will not look so transparent. In most cases, it is a fake and inferior product. Then, the outer box of the industrial double-sided tape should be relatively strong, and the printed handwriting is relatively neat and clear; while the poor quality tape is not so clear on the printed content of the outer box, and the quality is not strong. It can also be smelled through the smell, because the smell of real double-sided tape is relatively pure, and the fake double-sided tape may not be so pure.

We can only use it with confidence if we have selected industrial double-sided tape of excellent quality, otherwise, it may not be worth the loss.

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