How to identify the quality of high temperature resistant tape?

by:CROWN     2022-10-26

The main feature of high-temperature-resistant tapes from tape manufacturers is that they have a certain high-temperature resistance. Because of this, many types of operations in industrial manufacturing require this material. The fake high-temperature-resistant tape will bring a lot of inconveniences when using it, so you need to pay attention to having good identification knowledge when buying high-temperature-resistant tape. You can identify high-temperature-resistant tape in the following ways:

1. Taste: Generally, high-temperature tapes are chemically treated in some places, but the materials used are mainly refractory, so they usually have no smell, but counterfeit products, they usually have a strong pungent smell.

2. Appearance: To distinguish from this aspect, you must use it first, pay attention to the thickness of the heat-resistant tape, and then pay attention to the thickness of the heat-resistant tape.

3. Ignition: It is also a good idea to use fire to differentiate high-temperature tapes. For high-temperature tapes, the residue after ignition is usually powdered and imitations are collected.

4. High-temperature test: Typical high-temperature resistant tapes will not deform or affect performance in humidity above 200 degrees, if they are fake, it is natural to exist in this area.

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