How to identify the quality of tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-16

There are many kinds of tapes on the market, how do we choose high-quality tapes? Transparent tape wholesale to teach you how to identify the quality of the tape, today we will learn about this knowledge introduction.

First of all, you can use several methods to test. You can smell the smell of the tape. If the smell is very strong and there is a sour smell, it means that the holding power of the tape is very poor. The second is to look at the brightness of the tape. Generally, the color of the inferior tape will be dark, and the probability of this tape breaking is very high. You can see the color of the tape. Generally, the whiter the appearance of the transparent tape, the fewer impurities in the tape, so as to ensure normal adhesiveness. When purchasing a product, be sure to look at the transparency of the product. The better the quality, the better the transparency.

In addition, we need to place it in a place where the environment is more suitable, which can ensure the effect of the product and bring us great benefits.

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