How to identify the quality of tape

by:CROWN     2022-11-23

The tape manufacturer produces the tape through a strict process, and when we buy it, what aspects do we need to check its quality?

To check whether there are cracks on the tape when the tape is slitting if the slitting knife is not adjusted properly or the blade is not sharp enough, cracks will appear on the surface or bottom paper of the tape, and the fibers pulled out from the cracks will be glued. agent sticks. It is also necessary to check whether the tape has burrs. The edge of the double-sided tape on the roll is clean and free from damage, which is the basis for ensuring the quality of the tape. Also, check that the edges of the tape are not sticking and that the backing paper is missing silicone. In addition, it is to check whether the slitting end face of the reel tape is straight and whether the rewinding elasticity is consistent.

If the slitting end face of the roll tape is uneven, it will not only affect the registration during processing but also cause the problem of difficulty in disposal due to the change of the die-cutting position.

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