How to install the sealing strip with double-sided tape?

by:CROWN     2021-10-19

1. The width of the double-sided tape is 2.5CM, and the width of the bonding surface of the sealing strip is about 8mm, and 3 strips are cut.

2. Slowly stick the double-sided adhesive to the back of the sealing strip, first stick it on one side, then cut it off with scissors, stick the cut part on its side again, stick the rest again, so that it can Make full use of double-sided tape. If the edge of the car door is very large, and the welcome pedal is not too much, it is recommended to seal the edge of the door first, which should reduce a little wind noise.

3. After wiping the edge of the car door, start to stick the sealing strip, first stick a door sealing strip, use a little bit of strength, and then slowly stick it down the door edge, and remove the protection of the double-sided tape while sticking. Paper, try to make the sealing strip stick neatly. After the whole strip is glued, press it again to increase the adhesion. The effect is very good after this is done, and it is much stronger than the effect of using environmentally friendly glue.

4. Next, check the sticking effect. The sealing strip will be pulled down by hand and will not fall off at all. It can only be torn off when it is torn off from one side. The part where the double-sided tape is stuck to the car body is torn. The other side is glued to the sealing strip. It seems that the adhesion between the double-sided tape and the car body is not as strong as that of the sealing strip. After tearing off the sealing strip, there is no trace on the car body. If it is stuck in the wrong position, it can be easily restarted. Therefore, it is recommended that you use 3M double-sided tape.

5. The four doors were glued quickly. If you find that there is a gap between the newly glued sealing strip and the upper edge of the car body after closing the door, stick a whole strip of the sealing strip along the upper edge of the car body from front to back, so that the door is closed after the glue is finished, and it is actually in contact with the door. The sealing strips seal the door tightly together, and it does not feel that the door has become difficult to close.

6. A car generally uses a sealing contract of 10 meters and 3M double-sided tape about 3 rolls. This method of bonding sealing strips should be very good, not only can ensure the quality of construction, but also can be reworked if you make mistakes, so I strongly recommend it to everyone.

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