How to judge the quality of tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-28

In order to ensure the smooth use of adhesive tape wholesale products, we must check the quality when selecting, and can also ensure the use effect.

When observing the tape, be careful not to have a large number of air bubbles, because the air bubbles are the phenomenon of uneven gluing inside the tape. Of course, this is not a decisive factor, because when some tapes are newly produced, there will be a small amount of time. bubble. Then we can also judge the quality of the tape by the cutting quality of the tape and the adhesive, and observe the tape on the side. If the side of the tape is not uniformly cut, it means that the quality of the tape substrate is unqualified. If there is glue flowing out from the side, it means The glue quality of the tape is unreliable.

In fact, you can also identify the quality of color printing tape by smell. If the tape has a pungent smell, it means that various irritating chemicals have been added to it.

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